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  Dean Harlem sings about what he knows: the urge to wander and the longing for a place to call home.  He has carried his guitar across America on foot, motorcycle, bus, train and car, always looking for friendly faces and new places to play. His songs reflect a wide variety of sounds and ideas he has picked up along the way. Currently based in New Hampshire, Dean is an established performer at venues throughout New England. 
  Dean's imagery often evokes the landscapes and characters of his home state, New Jersey. His most recent album, “Asbury Park,” tells of tales from his childhood and serves as a tip of the cap to his hero Bruce Springsteen. As Dean puts it, “It’s hard to explain the Bruce connection to folks who aren’t from New Jersey. It’s kind of like the way Texas musicians have Willie and Townes.” 


"Armed with a good pair of leather boots, some dusty old jeans, and an acoustic guitar, Dean Harlem embodies Americana music. Like the songwriter himself, Dean's latest EP Asbury Park covers good ground and takes us far across the road-worn American landscape."
-Folk New Hampshire


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